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Our Pet Friendly Hotel Policy

Just because you are going on vacation does not mean that you have to leave your furry family member behind. We at Crescent Lake Inn & Suites know how a vacation can be stress full and having your furry family member by your side always make your long vacation enjoyable and happy. We are the best pet friendly hotel in Lake Winnipesaukee area and in the Lakes Region, NH. Your satisfaction, our happiness!

  • No Cats Allowed.
  • Pet Fee: A Non-Refundable pet fee of $30.00 (plus tax) is applicable. Additional fees may apply if damage is found in the room upon check out. No more than 2 pets are allowed per guestroom.
  • Responsibility of Pet Behavior: Guest must take the personal responsibility for the behavior of their pets during their stay. The hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodations to anyone with a pet. Certain breeds of animals will not be allowed based upon their inherent demeanor; for example: Pit Bull, Rottweiler, and any other potentially threatening animals.
  • Room Location and Leashed Pets: Guest but keep their pet on a leash at all times in the interior public areas and the exterior grounds of the property. Unattended pets may be removed from the property at the expense of the pet owner.
  • Damage and Soiling: Guest must accept full responsibility for any and all damages and/or soiling caused by my pet during my stay. The costs for the repair or additional cleaning requirements (including labor) will be charged accordingly to the credit card provided upon check in.
  • Kenneled Pets in Sleeping Rooms: Pets left unattended in a hotel room must be in a kennel. Hotel personnel reserves the right to not enter a room in which a pets is currently occupying. The bathing and grooming of pets is not permitted in the guest room.
  • Noisy or Disturbing Pet: Guest must understand that if their pet disturb other hotel guests, the hotel will have no other choice but to refuse further accommodation for the pet. For this reason we ask that guest provide us with a cell phone number enabling us to reach you if you are not in the room and your pet is creating a disturbance. Fair warning will be given only once. A second warning will lead to eviction of the pet and possibly their entire party with no refund. If the guest cannot be reached and the pet must be removed, the cost to relocate the pet will be covered by the registered guest of the room.
  • Cleaning Up After My Pet: Guest must be aware that the hotel required pet owners to pick up after pets on hotel property. (They Poop! Yo Scoop!)
  • Service Pets: Service animals for physical assistance are not subject to the pet fee. However, the owner may be liable if the animal causes any damage. Service animal ID is required to waive the fee.

Note: By bringing a pet in our facility you are agreeing to the hotel’s pet policies and to indemnify the hotel for any injuries, damages or loss of revenue to the hotel or a third party caused by your pet. As the pet’s owner/handler, you are responsible for any liability arising from your pet’s actions.